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Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-24      Origin: Site

For the past few years, since JUXIN CO.,LIMITED has repeatedly displayed in international exhibition, the cognitive degree of personnel in this industry of the world has increased rapidly. Many international friends companies also took this opportunity to come to china and meet their “old friends” on the JUXIN CO.,LIMITED exhibition stand. They communicated with us for international newest industrial development and product demand and hope for further cooperation. In their views, JUXIN CO.,LIMITED is a reliable product supplier which can provide them with most powerful supply guarantee and satisfy their requirements of quality, price and new product. This condition also can be seen from the annual factory inspection of many transnational enterprises. Each year, many transnational enterprises perform factory review and acceptance for their suppliers with long-term cooperation and they will directly come to our company and perform review according to the international standard. The reviews results are all very satisfied. JUXIN CO.,LIMITED consistently insist on international production technology and management levels, so that it has achieved global consistent approbation in the industry.

In the exhibition, foreign merchants showed a very strong interest and willingness to my company's products s. they were full of praise when they heard that Meihua had global supply capacity in medical amino acids, capsule, vaccine series of products as well as in food additives, feed additives, polysaccharide gel and other fields.

A foreign client also gave a thumbs-up gesture and said: "the Meihua in China is very great!"He heard Meihua abroad. In this exhibition, seen such a large product line as well as the global supply capacity and competitive advantages of Meihua, he surprised and expressed admiration for the production technical capacity of Chinese companies.